Calibrated Environmental Meter

Environmental meter

Peak Meter MS8229 Electrical, Environmental Meter €160 incl calibration cert, VAT and delivery in Ireland

Product Price € 160.00

Product Description

Peak Meter MS8229 Electrical, Environmental Meter. Measures Voltage (AC, DC) Amps, (AC, DC), Frequency, Sound Level, Light, Humidity, Temperature. Capacitance, Calibration cert included

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Price includes VAT and next day delivery in Ireland

DC Voltage 0.7%+2D
AC Voltage 0.8%+3D
DC Amps 1.2%+3D
AC Amps 1.5%+5D
Frequency 1.5%+5D
Resistance 1.2%+2D
Capacitance 3%+3D
Sound Level 3.5% at 94dB
Light/Lux 2% at 94dB
Humidity 20-95% 0.1%+5RH
Temperature (Internal) 0 to 40°C +-2°C
Temperature (External) -20 to 400°C +-1%
External temperature simulated, temperature probe not supplied
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